Tilly Toad’s Heavy Load (Paperback, Signed Copy)


Have you ever worried about being different? Tilly Toad has!

Tilly is thinking about his first day at Lilyflower Academy and worries about being made fun of because he has different colored spots than the other frogs and toads. The day before school starts, his grandfather takes him on a walk to Lilyflower Pond. During their walk, Grandfather Hops fills Tilly’s backpack with heavy stones.

As Tilly’s load gets heavier, Tilly finds it more and more difficult to bear. Finally, Tilly can’t carry any more of his heavy burden and he asks Grandfather Hops for help. What follows is a lesson on taking control of your feelings and learning to let the negative ones go. Tilly also learns to love and accept himself for who he is.

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